Teaching Venues and Resources

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Info about CrownHeartWorld teaching at Houston’s First Baptist, Loop Campus, Wednesday 6:30-8pm here. I have a draft of Crown Heart World in a booklet form free to download here. Sunday nights we are forming a church called the Grove. We send updates via our FaceBook page for theGroveFellowship.  

The FAQ section of the Sermon on the Mount

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The whole premise of my connecting Psalm 1 with Matthew 3-7 is that Jesus is the model and the way to actually live out the tree image of Psalm 1.  The key terms are blessed and righteous and the image is of a tree planted by streams of water, representing the revealed ways of God, which provide the tree with fruitfulness, freshness and fulfillment. In Matthew 3 John the baptist describes the religious elite as dead trees to be treated like the chaff, the imagery for the wicked in Psalm …

Non-religious Bible training opportunities?

Russell Minick

My son is working hard at Cross-Fit.  Some people try to joke about why anyone would actually pay to work so hard.  But Cross-Fit people tend to be quite happy with what they are getting, even if it is initially counter-intuitive. What about how Jesus and his teachings can be learned to affect life?  The idea I am hoping for is adaptable “Grace-Fit” (or maybe something with a name that is actually good for communicating what we are about). Engaging important biblical content, with the same brain configuration we analyze other stuff, doesn’t happen …