Moving Forward; me, us, the world….

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Sunday November 18th I get to preach one more installment on “True Religion“.  Last week was for looking at the beauty of the bride of Christ, a quick glimpse at the impact of the church over the centuries.  There’s been good, there’s been ugly, but the more we return to the root of who we are meant to be in the person and teaching of Jesus, the more beautiful his bride is.  So what is up next? Now we are going to look at what challenges and opportunities are before …

reaching out to individuals or groups?

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Cornelius and his household. Lydia and her household. Jailer and his household. POINT: reach in to existing networks instead of trying to extract individuals.  Why isn’t this done more?  For some it may be a lack of a message of how Jesus affects the way life works (more than individual piety and religious participation).  How was it different in the examples from Acts?

Houston Heights “sermon on the mount apprenticeship”

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The Sermon on the Mount is one of the greatest passages of wisdom for life ever written.  It’s main message is that the ‘blessed life’ is one where righteousness flourishes in a person who is rooted in God and growing toward genuine service.  It is about moving from being reactionary to living from a loving relationship; a position of peace and assurance that is not strident.  It is about shalom. I’ve written a bit on it, and I’ve preached it, but it is best explored interactively.  I’m looking to start …