Take Dominion

Monday: focus on creation, the biblical explanation of why existence includes good.

Genesis 1:28 says humanity is to take dominion:

And subdue it: subdue translates a verb meaning “to tread or trample on” and is used in Josh 18.1 with the sense of the land being “conquered, overcome, overpowered.” See also Num 32.22, 29; 2 Sam 8.11; 1 Chr 22.18. tev translates “bring it [the earth] under control”; spcl says “Fill the earth and govern it.” Subdue and have dominion over are parallel expressions with reference to the plants and animals that God has put on the earth. This is not a command to go to war, but for the first people and their offspring to “take control, be in charge, have direction over.” Have dominion over . . . is translated by frcl “Be masters over . . . ,” and by tev “I am putting you in charge of . . . .” In some languages subdue is expressed idiomatically as “make everything in the world come underneath your hands,” and have dominion as “you will be boss . . . .” UBS handbook on translation

Monday starts of a fresh week of dominion taking. This week I will be seeking to “conquer, overcome, overpower” expense reports and budgets and other admin things in my ‘non-admin role’. Lord help me to enjoy the opportunity to step up and bring things into order and completion. It is good to have the ability to work and work to do.

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