Telos in the Revelation

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(Revelation 1:8) I1473 am1510, (3588) Alpha1 and2532, (3588) Omega,5598 the beginning746 and2532 the TELOS, saith5056 the3588 Lord,2962 which is, and which was, and which is to come,3801 the3588 Almighty.3841

(Revelation 2:26) And2532 he that overcometh,3528 and2532 keepeth5083 my3450 works2041 unto891 TELOS,5056 to him846 will I give1325 power1849 over1909 the3588 nations:1484

(Revelation 7:4) And2532 I heard191 the3588 number706 of them which were sealed:4972 and there were sealed4972 a hundred and forty and four thousand (TELOS)1540, 5062, 5064, 5055 of1537 all3956 the tribes5543 of the children5207 of Israel.2474

(Revelation 10:7) But235 in1722 the3588 days2250 of the3588 voice5456 of the3588 seventh1442 angel,32 when3752 he shall begin3195 to sound,4537 the3588 mystery3466 of God2316 should be TELOS,5055 as5613 he hath declared2097 to his1438 servants1401 the3588 prophets.4396

(Revelation 11:7) And2532 when3752 they shall have TELOS5055 their848 testimony,3141 the3588 beast2342 that ascendeth305 out of1537 the3588 bottomless pit12 shall make4160 war4171 against3326 them,846 and2532 shall overcome3528 them,846 and2532 kill615 them.846

(Revelation 15:1) And2532 I saw1492 another243 sign4592 in1722 heaven,3772 great3173 and2532 marvelous,2298 seven2033 angels32 having2192 the3588 seven2033 last2078 plagues;4127 for3754 in1722 them846 is TELOS5055 the3588 wrath2372 of God.2316

(Revelation 15:8) And2532 the3588 temple3485 was filled1072 with smoke2586 from1537 the3588 glory1391 of God,2316 and2532 from1537 his848 power;1411 and2532 no man3762 was able1410 to enter1525 into1519 the3588 temple,3485 till891 the3588 seven2033 plagues4127 of the3588 seven2033 angels32 were TELOS.5055

(Revelation 17:17) For1063 God2316 hath put1325 in1519 their848 hearts2588 to fulfill4160 his848 will,1106 and2532 to agree,4160, 3391, 1106 and2532 give1325 their848 kingdom932 unto the3588 beast,2342 until891 the3588 words4487 of God2316 shall be TELOS.5055

(Revelation 20:3) And2532 cast906 him846 into1519 the3588 bottomless pit,12 and2532 shut him up,2808, 846 and2532 set a seal4972 upon1883 him,846 that2443 he should deceive4105 the3588 nations1484 no3361 more,2089 till891 the3588 thousand5507 years2094 should be TELOS:5055 and2532 after3326 that5023 he846 must1163 be loosed3089 a little3398 season.5550

(Revelation 20:5) But1161 the3588 rest3062 of the3588 dead3498 lived not again326, 3756 until2193 the3588 thousand5507 years2094 were TELOS.5055 This3778 is the3588 first4413 resurrection.386

(Revelation 20:7) And2532 when3752 the3588 thousand5507 years2094 are TELOS,5055 Satan4567 shall be loosed3089 out of1537 his846 prison,5438

(Revelation 21:6) And2532 he said2036 unto me,3427 It is done.1096 I1473 am1510, (3588) Alpha1 and2532, (3588) Omega,5598 the3588 beginning746 and2532 the3588 TELOS.5056 I1473 will give1325 unto him that is athirst1372 of1537 the3588 fountain4077 of the3588 water5204 of life2222 freely.1432

(Revelation 22:13) I1473 am1510 Alpha1 and2532 Omega,5598 the beginning746 and2532 the TELOS5056 the3588 first4413 and2532 the3588 last.2078

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