Thailand struggles; Red Camp

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The situation in Bangkok is serious.  As an outsider I have a limited understanding of the situation.  For that reason, primarily, I do not intend these photos or comments related to them to be advocating more than a call to be aware and to pray.
These are snaps from an iPhone while walking through the ‘Reds’ protest camp in central Bangkok on Sunday evening, May 9th.
The photos in this post and the next show barricades, blocked off streets, markets set up inside the camp (including a very stylish monk cart), issues of rubbish piles (though the was surprisingly tidy considering), some information walls with photos from recent violence and appeals for help, and big screen projections of the main stage from which leaders called for government change in front of a banner declaring they were ‘peaceful protesters, not terrorists’
The crowds were quite large with an odd mix of families, vendors, focused activists and some serious looking men looking toward a serious clash.  Last night that clash accelerated, and today the camp is being pressured by government forces.  I have no idea how shalom can be formed in the near future, but I’m certain it is needed urgently and deeply.


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