The Book of Micah

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Written (at least the first 3 chapters) around 730 B.C. 
The pagan world was dominating and people ordered their lives and worship increasingly around sex/power rituals of Assyrian gods.  Micah is distraught and has a dramatic mourning, naked and an howling.
Chapter 1 says God is bringing judgments and disaster against the pagan ways of his people.  His threat is that the children of the sinful generation will be taken away in captivity.
Chapter 2 Reiterates “woe” to those who do bad because they can.  Some will be stunned and ask how God can be good and bring such harsh punishment, but the prophet’s answer is that God brings good to the good, but yes, will bring punishment to evil doers.  What kind of prophet do the people need?  One who prophesies beer and wine in abundance.  But a promise is made that a remnant will be flocked together under King YHWH.
Chapter 3 Contrasts men of God who learn how to make a profit from God’s word vs. true men of God who are filled with God’s spirit.  The fakers, and their empty promises of safety, will know destruction.
Chapter 4 shows a vision of hope when the house of YHWH will teach people how to live.  Solving problems wisely will make war obsolete and people will be able to abide in safety in their own place.  Now the nations do their own thing, but a day is coming when God’s people will be brought to safety.  It will be after a humbling exile, but the captors will offer their wealth back to God.
Chapter 5 promises a surprise from Bethlehem.  The Shalom will eventually be global but a great fight will precede that peace.  A diaspora will be involved but will end in creation worshippers being confronted by the creation Creator.
Chapter 6 What has God done?  Rescued his people.  How shall we respond?  Love justice and mercy in humility before God.  People must change from their tricks of maximizing wealth.  Investments will be lost and satisfaction not found.  Creation worship will not work, it will be brought down.
Chapter 7 The world will be filled with tricksters and liars, the relatively good people aren’t even good.  Our own relatives will be enemies, not help.  But there is a remnant of those who watch and wait for YHWH and who endure rough times, knowing that eventually God’s wrath will pave the way for God’s right.  God will fulfill is covenant promises.
That’s what I saw in Micah this morning.

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