“The Grove” an apprenticeship gathering

Russell Minick

Sunday nights at 5:30 pm
Training cycle:
  • Apprentices? – introduction and overview of the vision
  • “God’s Story guides our stories” – CrownHeartWorld.com
  • “Who we are and what we do” -basic of following Jesus
  • “Righteous like a tree” – personal growth cycle of maturity: Psalm 1, the Sermon on the Mount, and spiritual formation.
What is true? 
Crown Heart World as a worldview that is comprehensively True (big picture stuff) but also experientially true (how we process experiences).
Who are we and what do we do?
 Followers of Jesus find their identity with their redeemer (in Christ) and with other people he has redeemed (a.k.a the church).  We learn to trust (Faith) by learning Bible content.  We learn to celebrate what is coming (Hope) in singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.  We act on what we know and celebrate through action (Love).
How do we grow in what is true, who we are and what we do?  
The image of maturity uses the metaphor of a tree by a stream to describe long term growth into the character of Jesus.  Teaching how this cycle works, particularly as shaped by various needs/desires (spiritual/relational/physical) can keep everyone aware of the shared patterns and purpose of growth regardless of how long they have been growing.
The Faith Center at Timbergrove/Heights 

(formerly Timbergrove Baptist Church)
Sundays at 5:30 pm
This is open to everyone
Interaction with questions and comments is welcomed!
~ Russell Minick
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