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I’ve got a hint of a vision of a possibility.  There’s this place where I am living that is being revitalized.  The church complex was given over to a bigger church. Now buildings are being renovated with a view to serving an eclectic community which is also in transition.  Local old homes are being renovated to be current and stylish while retaining their historic charm.  Running and bike paths are important, as are community events.  The church complex is ripe for integrating into this renewal.  I hope to be a part of that.

Night Textures by V. Vaughan

The place is called Timbergrove.  I’m thinking of calling our Christian community center “The Grove”.  The Psalm 1 view of righteousness, that is like a tree, fruitful, fresh and fulfilling, is key.  The facilities would be used to serve various groups, starting with a Thai church that is already lined up.  An English group could start by September, having a midweek teaching on CrownHeartWorld and then on the Sermon on the Mount (using the Tree diagram).
From there we finish outfitting the old gym to be open for basketball.  Maybe we do a gazebo area and have outdoor worship among the trees from time to time.  Add some classes, on fun things, practical things… whatever we can.  The goal would be to have an active place of healthiness and encouragement, a place where people are encouraged to grow in righteousness that is described as trees, not telephone poles, with vibrant diversity that is unified on Jesus the wise.  This could be pleasant.

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