the Kaka’ Dream

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Now Kaka’ is reported to have dreamed of playing in Madrid since he was a kid.

Match that with his desire to preach Jesus and his admission that he would like to get more training and the fact that I just coached the U20 CMAC GIS women’s team to an undefeated championship run and that I am praying God would lead us to Spain so I could contribute to church planting in Europe in ways that affect other places as well… Is it a sign?!

I am so excited I can only write in run on sentences. Updates to follow as the saga unfolds.

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  1. yes, it is a half joke. we really are praying about serving in Europe. Kaka’ really does want to be a preacher (he’s doing a good job already). I love football/soccer. it would be like Kaka’s acceptance speech for FIFA World player of the year:“…but the Bible says God gives us more than we ask for and that is what has happened in my life.”I am even writing to football academies in Spain and England to see if my kids can get a slot. Would be a blast.cheers!

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