The Story turns (It was a dark and stormy night…)

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Good stories all have bad bits. We are meant to care about characters, and then, it all goes askew. Trouble. That’s what grips us; makes us want the next bit; and the next. Why?

Evil, meaninglessness, and generally bad bits of life are difficult to look at. They can ensnare us in their horror and invade the periphery of our vision. Hopelessness. But, in someone else’s story we can peek through our fingers and see the trauma played out through another. Being one step removed allows us the ability to consider without being consumed.

Job 21:1-6 Then Job answered and said: (2) “Keep listening to my words, and let this be your comfort. (3) Bear with me, and I will speak, and after I have spoken, mock on. (4) As for me, is my complaint against man? Why should I not be impatient? (5) Look at me and be appalled, and lay your hand over your mouth. (6) When I remember, I am dismayed, and shuddering seizes my flesh.

Life is good? Yeah, like a story.

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