the tale from gethsemene *(tentative title)

Russell Minick Biblical Story Leave a Comment

you came to me in an eclipsed world
where the memory of the sun
still burnt but faded
turned under the weight of years
into a fantastic thing, a child tale
a dream talk and a fool’s hope
you came in the greys of the day
like a neighbor who has been traveling
far beyond the arm of the familiar
and so I recognized you and did not
for behind the face of the next door over
beat the strangeness and it was hungry
for me and i for it
but afraid because it was so strong
and burnt in your eyes like a passion
it flooded your skin and arced through your movements
and the tastes of it i found
in the words from your tongue
were sweet and bitter
stinging my tongue with its bristling courage
and soothing it again in its glow
and how hungry i was for it
for the whole from which your words flowed
i could be content no more with the fruit
but must have the seed myself
you were so hungry to give it
that once reaching out my hand you took it
and carried me across the grey streets
up the grey mountains along the grey streams
i was not tired carried as i was
and upon the mountaintop you set me down
i was crying for the hunger
the need you had awakened in me
you stood tall upon the mountain top
and carful as Atlas beneath the earth
spread your arms wide and cried out

and the sun came bursting through
an explosive wave that struck like a shout
sweeping through me and carrying me away
lighting me up through my skin

you gave me the world as it should be
as it once was
i have tasted this love and it is good

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