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Skit = take a risk at loosing good in order to do the good God calls you to do.
talk = TREASURE THE SOURCE OF GOODNESS is the wisest way to Treasure!

God is where goodness comes from.

Where does bad come from??? Seeking ‘good’ in wrong ways. Example? Dictators who want good food and other good pleasures. Step 1, gain power. Step 2, use power to gain wealth. Step 3. use wealth to indulge in pleasure.

So what’s wrong with that? Answer: go to a refugee camp. “Goodness” taken the worldly way is at the expense of the goodness of others. Remember step 1? When we try to take what we want, without reference to God and his goodness, it is evil in that it destroys good from others (and in us). That is a dramatic example. A more immediate example is being cruel to someone in order to look good to others. We enjoy the ‘good’ of being liked by our friends, but that is because we abused power (mocking someone else). That’s bad.

For Wednesday: 2 Peter 1:5-9
How can I treasure wisely????

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