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Hearing Falling Trees
We exist regardless of why we THINK we exist. Reality precedes perception. The sound waves come from a falling tree regardless of whether one is there to hear it. Likewise, the failure of a person standing in the woods to rightly interpret the sound as a tree falling does not affect whatever might have the misfortune to be in the path of that tumbled tree.

Something is. I am a subset of that which IS, as are you. The question that is ultimate, is more or less: “Why is there something instead of nothing, and what is it about this something which IS that I should know”?

We hear the reverberating sound of unfolding existence and sometimes ask, “what is that?”. It should not be accepted that everyone’s guess is as good as everyone else’s. Though we do not want to dictate what one might believe the sound was, we are certainly not bound by wisdom to say that every guess is as accurate as every other guess.

If one says it is a troll coming to get us, another says there was no sound and a third says it was a tree falling, are they simultaneously equally true? They certainly have a right to voice their opinion (hmmm, where does that idea come from?) but does that mean that there is a troll, is a tree, is not a troll, is not a tree and nothing all at the same time?

So it is with seeking to understanding the roar of life. “What is that?” is variously answered with, “That is God!”, “That is a dream…”, , “That is a sound.”, all the way down to “huh?” Though it is great to hear the options, I sense the need to listen carefully. I really am interested in the question: “What is that?!” and I am even more interested in the answer.

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