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i’m going to try and write a book.  i have written a short easy-going commentary on Philippians for our house church in Thailand, and I have written an article for a Buddhist/Christian focused book.  But now i think i am ready to start a book.  i have 3 book ideas:
1) the Sermon on the Mount- a pattern for life.  the idea of this book is that the sermon is laid out in a way that shapes a way of living that is on the one hand basic enough to be memorable, but deep enough to be inexhaustible.
2) the 5 columns – big ideas about the big story of life in our daily lives.  this is an effort at philosophical questions about good and bad and hope being connected to daily living.
3) hitchin’ – a trip with humanity.  this is a story about me hitchhiking from Seattle to Houston.  Too weird to be believed at times, it is just strange, but really happened.  Not sure how to go about that one, it is not a very safe story.

So, the first step in my goal in writing is to just get back to writing.  I need to write daily, about anything.  I just need to keep the discipline of thoughts being clacked into words and such.  then I can start to shape the projects and see which one will come first.

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